Friday, August 10, 2007

Ahtisaari plan would make Kosovo NATO-state

BELGRADE -- An adviser to the prime minister says that an implementation of Ahtisaari’s plan would make Kosovo a NATO-state.

Aleksandar Simić told weekly NIN that the calls from NATO and the U.S. for implementing UN Kosovo Eenvoy Martti Ahtisaari’s plan before the talks begin "makes one wonder why Kosovo's independence is more important than respecting international law, the sovereignty of an internationally recognized state and regional stability."

“It pays to ask whether the real reason for the Kosovo independence project is the fact that Ahtisaari foresaw the authority of the international civil observers to be limited so that it would place Kosovo under the authority of NATO,” Simić said.

Simić said that NATO would stay for the long-term in the province with special authority, would have unlimited power, free movement, while the NATO commanders in Kosovo would have supreme authority in all aspects of proposed solutions which are based on the use of force.

“When all of these regulations are taken into consideration, it can be concluded that the implementation of Ahtisaari’s plan would call for Bondsteel to practically be the capital city of an independent Kosovo,” Simić said.

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