Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kosovo team will insist on techincal issues, Ceku

PRISTINA - Kosovo Premier Agim Ceku said Monday that he does not view “the 120 days of the status talks as the start of a new process for Kosovo, but as an unnecessary delay,” the Albanian-language media have reported.

In his regular weekly address to the nation via Kosovo Radio, Ceku expressed beliefthat this pe riod will be used to, as he said, confirm the state hood of Kosovo. “The activation of the Contact Group is an attempt of the international community to seek a way out of the situation created in the UN Security Council,” Ceku set out, adding that the new talks “are not wel come, but have been accepted, because they remain as the sole possibility for a solition.”

Ceku stated that this is “the final postponment” and that the Kosovo negotiating team would insist that “independence cannot be discussed” and that “independence is a done matter, it will not be negotiated and territorial entirety is undisputed.”

“Ahtisaari’s pack age is a finished matter and will not be open to debate,” Ceku underscored. He said that “the fate of the missing persons, succession, the division of debt and economic relations” are practical matters that will be discussed during the talks.

“Our government demands and insists on clarity. We are the keepers of the process and the victims of dead lines. We greeted with satisfaction the setting of Dec 10 as the deadline for handing in the recommendations. Time is very important for conducting affairs that are in favour of our citizens,” Ceku noted.

(Source : Tanjug)

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