Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Attack in South Serbia sent a message

BELGRADE -- A security expert says the weekend showdown between the police and masked gunmen in southern Serbia sent a clear message. Zoran Dragišić, a professor of security studies, said that the robberies and later attacks on police had a message that goes beyond simple thievery.

He told daily Danas that the story of uniformed individuals, armed heavily while committing petty crimes seems out of place.

“I am convinced that the robbery was nothing more than a cover-up. Albanian politicians can now say it was a criminal act,” Dragišić said.

Dragišić said that ten armed and uniformed individuals who seem to be organized enough to rob banks, have no reason to commit robberies on the highway.

Dragišić added that while the attacks, "at this point", indeed bore no hallmarks of terrorism, the group sent a clear message.

“The act sent a message to everyone involved. That is a message of support for the Albanians, and an effort to frighten the Serbs. The plans of the Albanians for Kosovo independence have fallen through, there will be new negotiations, and that has caused a significant amount of frustration,” Dragišić said.

“This was done very skillfully done, because a regular terrorist act would damage their chances and the support they are receiving from the West,” Dragišić said.

(Source : B92.net)

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